Weekly Trivia FAQ

Every week (with the occasional exception as determined by Interpret LLC (“Interpret”) in its sole discretion) the Good Gamer Group will feature a “trivia” Contest or a Giveaway on various social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok).  Because the Good Gamer Group uses social media to collect your entries via the comments section, your comments must be public.  If we cannot see your comments, we cannot place you in our list of random winners.   We use the term “trivia” loosely because, on some occasions, a correct trivia answer will not be required for entry into the random drawing.

Q: What is the Good Gamer Group (GGG)?

A: The Good Gamer Group is Interpret LLC’s video game research community. Members receive exclusive invitations to participate in video game-related studies with opportunities for payment or other rewards.  We offer gamers a platform for their voice to be heard – sharing feedback on new concepts, testing unreleased games, and helping us make positive changes in the industry.

Q: How does this work?

A: Every week a new question or other prompt will be posted various social media platforms, and each platform will feature the same post. We will then collect your responses from the comment section (one response per platform).  For Contests, we will choose the closest or top answers according to the posted parameters for that week (i.e. sometimes it might be the 20 closest answers, other times it could be everyone who answered correctly). We will then randomly select winner(s) and post each winner’s handle every week on our social media platforms after we have confirmed eligibility. For Giveaways everyone who provides the prompted response will be entered into a random drawing.  We will then DM the winner (if possible) on whichever platform their winning comment came from to confirm eligibility and collect the email address for receipt of the reward. If the winner is from a social media platform without the ability to direct message, we will make our best attempts to ensure the winners(s) receive their reward.

Q: What social media platforms can I participate on?

A:  You can participate on the following social media platforms

Instagram: @goodgamergroup
TikTok: @goodgamergroup
Twitter: @goodgamergroup
YouTube: @GoodGamerGroup
Facebook: @GoodGamerGroup
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GoodGamerGroup


Q: When does the Trivia take place?

A: We will post one question every Tuesday on the various social media platforms listed above at around 12pm CT and you will have until the following Thursday at 11:59pm CT to comment your response.  We will post the winner on each social media platform, regardless of which social media platforms the winner is from, at around 1PM CT every Friday.  Interpret reserves the right to occasionally take a week off, as well as to end further Trivia promotions at any time in its sole discretion.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Your responses will be only counted once per social media platform, but you may submit one comment per social media platform.  For example, if you post 5 comments on Instagram, we will only keep one of your first response and it will be chosen at random.  If you post one comment on Instagram and one comment on Twitter, etc., then each response will be considered.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Everyone who meets our eligibility requirements can participate!

Q: How many winners are there every week and what can I win?

A: There is generally 1 winner each week, but sometimes we may give away multiple prizes.  In most instances if you win, you can choose from a large variety of gift cards, including a Pre-paid Mastercard. The number of winners is subject to change and the post will include how many winners there are each week.

Q: How are the winners chosen?

A: The winner will be chosen at random, and the wheel will be spun 1 time with a list of the random names chosen.  We will then tag the winner on each platform each Friday on our Winner’s Post.  We will then DM the winner to confirm eligibility and collect the email for which they would like their gift card to be sent to. If you left a comment on more than one social media platform to enter the Contest / Giveaway and one entry wins, we will DM you on the same social media platform where your winning entry appeared.

Q: What do I do if I won and did not receive a gift card or the gift card I received doesn’t work?

A: If your gift card does not work or you won and did not receive your gift card, please email us at ggg-social (AT) interpret.la.  Please provide the social media platform on which you were DM’d, your account username, and the email you initially provided to ensure the quickest resolution to this issue.

Q: For one of your trivia questions, I found a website that says the answer is different than what you revealed?

A: Interpret reserves the right to determine the correct answer in its sole discretion.  We understand the World Wide Web and other sources can sometimes contain contradictory information, and we are not accountable to how others come up with their facts. We take great pride in how we collect and analyze data.  Unless otherwise noted in the weekly post, the correct answer is determined by data collected by Interpret LLC.

Q: Are there any official rules?

A: Yes, this FAQ was created to explain the promotions in simple language, please visit our Official Rules for our contests / giveaways for all the legal details.