Yes, we are one of many market research companies that conduct qualitative research with consumers of our clients’ products. The major difference is we focus on video games – not only will we reward you for your time and opinions about them, but if you like video games, then our topics of conversation will always be exciting!

Please click here to open the intake form. After completing the survey, if you meet the criteria to join, we will add you to our internal research panel. We’ll send you email notifications when there is an upcoming research opportunity that we think you may qualify for.

Interpret conducts a wide variety of research. Typically, you will have the opportunity to give your feedback on unreleased games or early concepts that are not available to the general public. In some studies, you will play a pre-release build of the game. In others, you might be asked to share your feedback on ideas or design elements from a game that is not ready to be played yet. And in others, we might want to talk with you about your personal experience, to learn more about why you enjoy playing the games you like. There are also research options that are a smaller time commitment, like a short survey for a $5 gift card, or participation in an online community where we pay for completing short tasks at your convenience. Since we are a market research company, and not a publisher or developer, we invite you to give 100% honest feedback – no hurt feelings if you don’t like our client’s game.


You’ll receive your incentive via email to the same email address you used to sign up. The reward comes via a third party called Rybbon – you’ll have the option to choose between a pre-paid MasterCard (Mobile Wallet compatible), Amazon, Target and other gift card options. Redeeming is as easy as clicking a button. The best part is, we never ask for personal information like your home address or bank account.


We value your privacy – we never, for any reason, share your personal information outside of our company. The information we do collect is only used to contact you about upcoming research opportunities. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe, we provide that option at the bottom of each GGG email.


From time to time, we will run trivia contests or promotional giveaways on social media as a thank you to our community and to encourage further engagement with GoodGamerGroup.

This has its own FAQ which can be viewed here:

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