You can find the official rules and regulations here

The spirit of the program is to invite those you feel would be fantastic Good Gamer Group members who would make a positive contribution to our gaming surveys, focus groups, and playtests.

You are welcome to distribute the link however you see fit. Ultimately, this referral program has a lot of back-end security that will prevent any fraud.

It should! However, given that we are giving away something of value, we will be randomly checking completions and referrals to ensure legitimacy. We have always done right by our members. If you refer someone that meets the criteria, it will count towards a ticket for the raffle.


Of course, just make sure the URL you are using has the ?uid=(your unique ID) in the URL that you shorten.

You can use common ones like or for free


Yes, we have specific programs for you so that you can get paid directly instead of being part of the raffle.

In the past we have paid up to $3,000 to people that able to get a large amount of new members to join!

This includes:

1. Influencers (of any kind)

2. Run or part of an online gaming community (such as Discord / Reddit, etc.)

3. Are part of a gaming community that you think would make great GGG members.

We can work directly with you or your community manager to setup these programs.

Please apply here


Please see the link that was provided in the email. It is unique to you and not something we can share on our website.


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